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How to Keep Your Home or Office Environment Healthy

With the environment becoming a bigger concern with each passing day, people are slowly but gradually turning to environmental-friendly measures at their homes and offices. With New Zealand keen to promote it's clean green image landlords throughout the country, including in Auckland, are looking for the easiest and most affordable ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are some top tips to keep your home or office environment as healthy and eco-friendly as possible:

1. Make sure you building is well insulated: Insulation keep the heat inside your home or office which in turn reduces your heating costs. You will also have less health issues as you will be spending you time in a well ventilated and healthy environment.

2. Turn off your computers and lights when they are not in use: leaving electrical items on stand by wastes power which not only damages the environment but also costs money. Once you get into the habit of turning things off at work you will also start practicing this good habit in your home!

3. Recycle paper and avoid printing things whenever possible. If you do need to print use both sides of the paper and choose recycled paper with a low chlorine content.

3. Keep your carpets and rugs clean: Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is one of the basic constituents of having a healthy home or office environment. Carpets or rugs can retain a lot of dirt and microorganisms and can contribute significantly in raising the menace of allergens inside the home or the office. Either clean your carpets and rugs or get a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done for you.

4. Choose intelligently light bulbs : While there are innumerable categories of light bulbs available in the market, make sure that you buy the one that fits your requirements perfectly and consumes the least amount of energy. Research suggests that LED lightbulbs gives you the most cost effective and efficient lighting solution.

5. Check out the safety provisions at your home or office: It is often said that a safe environment is a healthy environment. Check out all the available safety provisions at your home or office and ensure that all the existing rules and regulations are adhered to strictly. Identify all the hazardous areas at your home or office and make an effort such that the loopholes are removed.

6. Get the alignment of your gutter aligned properly: If your gutter is not aligned well, chances are that water will leak through the walls or roof to damage your home or office. As well of the volume of wasted water, repairing water damage can be very costly and cause issues with downtime and non-productivity while your office is out of action.

7. Get your heat pumps and air conditioners installed properly: Make sure that your partner is right for your office air conditioning and heat pump installers in Auckland or else chances are the AC will fail terribly.

If you are trying to enhance the health of the environment inside your home or office through the installation of a heat pump or an air conditioner, just contact Varcoe Refrigeration at, www.varcoe.co.nz. They install and maintain air conditioning systems and heat pumps throughout homes & businesses in Auckland.

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